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Hiding Edith Book Essay free essay sample

Stowing away Edith a True Story by Kathy Kacer Elise Peterson I for the most part am perusing a book that spouts over affection or a dreadful riddle novel, however this time I figured I would change things up. I have consistently been truly intrigued by World War two and the holocaust and that is the reason I got the book Hiding Edith, a genuine story by Kathy Kacer. I cannot come to picture the dread that was planted in these childrens heads and would scar them for an incredible remainder. In 1933, the Nazi party, drove by Adolf Hitler, came to control in Germany. Hitler was a pitiless man who accepted that Germans were better than all over races, yet particularly Jews. I wont broadly expound on the Holocaust in light of the fact that Im sure youve taken the class History! In any case, the fundamental character, Edith Schwalb was Jewish and was alive when Hitler gradually started to dominate. We will compose a custom paper test on Covering up Edith Book Essay or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Edith is a youthful Jewish young lady living with her Papa, Mutti, sister (Threse), and sibling (Gaston) in the city of Vienna. Ediths family is close. Her Papa is a known soccer player and Edith and her sister both go to class while Mutti and her sibling remain at home. Lamentably, Vienna was gradually being dominated. One night, Nazi officers went to the Schwalb family and removed Papa. The young ladies before long quit going to class and fled to another city. Mutti before long understood that the kids were not, at this point safe snow that Concentration camps were being built up. All the rage among the Jews was that the town of Moissac had a â€Å"Boarding School† where Jewish families could take their children for security from the Nazis. The town of Moissac is really a town everything being equal. All the Germans think about the mystery house and stay quiet about it. The house is controlled by Shatta and Bouli Simon who are benevolent. At the house, they are appropriately taken care of, dealt with, go to class, and go to chapel. Shatta and Bouli practically become the guardians of the entirety of the youngsters living at the house. The motivation behind why the house is so protected is since the entire town is German, the Nazis will contact the Mayor before they come and quest for Jews so it gives the kids time to cover up. So Mutti chooses to drop Edith and Gaston off at the house. At the point when they show up Edith is 7 and Gaston is baby. Threse and Mutti run off to another town to live in a ranch house. Edith and Gaston come to cherish living in the house. Edith turns out to be old buddies with a young lady named Sarah. Throughout the years together Edith and Sarah for all intents and purposes become sisters. Occasionally Mutti will visit Edith and Gaston. Following quite a while of living there, Shatta and Bouli declare that they need to close down the house. The two of them concur that the war will before long end since the Americans have joined the war. They send the children to various mystery homes to live. Sarah and Edith are moved to a German Boarding school. This is somewhat hazardous since nobody there realizes they are Jewish. They need to change their names. There at the live-in school, they are dealt with severely and once in a while eat. The two of them wind up getting lice and uncovering food from underneath the trash. Once more, Edith and Sarah are moved to somewhere else. This time, a genuine home. They move to the place of the Merleaus who treat Edith and Sarah benevolent. She just remains there for a brief timeframe on the grounds that the war closes! Edith is before long rejoined with her sibling, sister, and mother. They discover that there father was murdered in an inhumane imprisonment. The family lives respectively and they all land positions. Edith understands that she needs to have any kind of effect. Her and Gaston wind up returning to Moissac. They volunteer to be consolers for the stranded Jewish kids. I truly prescribe this book to anybody! Its a speedy read and it truly makes you see through the eyes of a kid during World War Two. It causes you to acknowledge how fortunate we are, here in America and not to underestimate things since they can be removed any second.

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King Lear :: King Lear

Lord Lear Lord Lear of Britain has chosen to renounce his seat. So as to offer his realm between his three girls; Goneril, Regan and Cordelia he assembles them. He will likely part the realm between them dependent on each’s articulation of affection for him. The two more seasoned girls pleasantly talk their way in their father’s heart for sizable realms. Cordelia be that as it may, the most youthful and Lear’s top pick, sees the evil inspirations of her sisters and reveals to her dad of her profound genuine sentiments. Lear not hearing the sweet words that he expected, is unnerved to such an extent that he ousts her. She leaves the nation to wed the King of France. The Earl of Kent, Lear’s confided in advocate, by coming to Cordelia’s guard is additionally ousted. Kent anyway observing the threat that Lear has placed himself in camouflages himself as a hireling. He stays near Lear to shield the ruler from Goneril and Regan who have viscously chosen to usurp their father’s seat. Then the Earl of Gloucester is likewise alarmed by an ongoing unforeseen development in his family. His ill-conceived child Edmund has drawn out into the open proof that Edgar, Gloucester’s genuine beneficiary has schemed to execute him. The proof is bogus; be that as it may, as it Edmund who is scheming to get his brother’s inheritance. Having parted with his realm, Lear expects to spend the remainder of his days going between the homes of his two girls. Accepting that he can stay at each for a month at once, he shows up at the home of Goneril joined by an array of 100 rambunctious knights. Despite the fact that he had expected to stay in power, since he has parted with his capacity and income he is not, at this point regarded by his girls. Goneril rapidly accepts the open door to slander her dad. Her steward Oswald is told to incense him. As Oswald attempts to do as such, the hidden Kent comes to Lear’s resistance and mortifies Oswald.

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7 Disorders Related to Social Anxiety Disorder

7 Disorders Related to Social Anxiety Disorder February 18, 2020 Social Anxiety Disorder Overview Symptoms & Diagnosis Causes Treatment Living With In Children Slavica/E/Getty Images In This Article Table of Contents Expand Avoidant Personality Disorder Panic Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder Depression Alcoholism Eating Disorders Schizophrenia Comorbidity in social anxiety disorder (SAD) refers to having another disorder in addition to SAD. Having SAD increases the chance that you will be diagnosed with another disorder, and also makes receiving treatment more complex.?? Many disorders are related to social anxiety disorder (SAD), including other anxiety disorders, depression, and personality disorders. Avoidant Personality Disorder If you have avoidant personality disorder (APD), you will experience many of the same symptoms as someone with SAD. However, your symptoms will be broader and more severe.?? Because of the overlap between the two disorders, it is possible to be diagnosed with both APD and social anxiety disorder. One of the key defining features of avoidant personality disorder that tends not to be present to the same degree in SAD is a lack of trust in the motives of others. While those with APD feel others are not to be trusted, those with SAD tend more toward feeling as though others are judging them. Panic Disorder Panic disorder differs from SAD in terms of the triggers of panic, the kind of symptoms that are experienced, and beliefs about the underlying causes. It is possible to be diagnosed with both panic disorder and social anxiety disorder, and the treatments may or may not be the same for both disorders. While individuals with panic disorder and social anxiety disorder may share similar patterns of avoidance and experience some of the same types of symptoms, a key defining difference is that persons with panic disorder often feel better in the presence of a trusted companion, while this may cause those with SAD to feel more anxiety.?? Generalized Anxiety Disorder If you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), your worry tends to be broad and general, rather than focused on social or performance situations. You might worry about finances, your job, global warming, family issues, or any number of things. Your worry probably keeps you awake at night and may morph into physical symptoms such as tension headaches or migraines. People with social anxiety disorder, on the other hand, usually are limited to feeling anxiety about social and performance situations. Depression There is an established relationship between depression and social anxiety disorderâ€"if youve been diagnosed with SAD, you are more likely to develop depression later in life.?? Whats more,  people who suffer from both depression and social anxiety disorder  often only seek help for depression, even though they may have had severe social anxiety for many more years. Unfortunately, treating depression without also treating underlying social anxiety will not be as effective. This is why it is important to share all of your symptoms with your doctor, and for physicians to be alert to potential signs of social anxiety disorder. Alcoholism If you suffer from social anxiety disorder, you are more likely to also suffer from alcoholism.?? Often people with SAD begin drinking to copeâ€"but eventually drinking becomes a problem in its own right. If you have both social anxiety disorder and alcoholism, treatment must be tailored to your unique situation to address both issues. Eating Disorders Social anxiety disorder and eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder may sometimes be diagnosed together.?? Fear of eating in public is a common symptom, but the types of behavior and motivation underlying it are quite different. People with anorexia may fear being judged for overeating and may shift food around on their plate, while someone with SAD may fear spilling a drink or have shaking hands while eating. Schizophrenia While comorbid SAD and schizophrenia has received less attention, there is some evidence of increased risk for social anxiety disorder among those with schizophrenia.?? For those with schizophrenia as well as SAD, quality of life can be lowered.   A Word From Verywell If youve been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder along with another comorbid disorder, your doctor will determine the best course of treatment to manage the complex interaction between your symptoms. In order to receive the best possible treatment, be sure to share all of your symptoms during diagnosis, so that a complete picture of your circumstances emerges. An Overview of Social Anxiety Disorder

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The Theory And Low Self Control Theory - 915 Words

Crime has existed in societies across the world for centuries, and is defined as any offense harmful against the public. However, the true nature of crime is more complex as there are many different motives and causes behind a criminal act, which cannot be contributed to a single factor (Barlow Decker, 2010). Within the field of criminology, a number of theories exist that attempt to explain why some individuals commit crime, while others abstain from it. Some theories attribute crime to the specific environment; they believe that an individual commits crime when certain ecological conditions are met (Felson, 2001). Others argue that crime is caused by the individual themselves; that criminals are the result of unrestrained thoughts and low self-control (Gottfredson Hirschi, 2001). This paper will analyze aspects of a real world scenario using both routine activity theory and low self-control theory, for the purpose of better understanding and evaluating certain criminal behavior. There are many theories that attempt to explain the cause of criminal events. One such theory is routine activity theory developed by Lawrence Cohen and Marcus Felson in 1979. This theory was meant to fill the gaps in existing models that failed to adequately address rising crime rates during the 1960 s (Browning et al., 2000). Cohen and Felson suggested that crime should be thought of as an event that occurs at a specific location and time and involves specific people and/or objects (Felson,Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Gottfredson And Hirschi s Low Self Control Theory2319 Words   |  10 PagesGottfredson and Hirschi’s Low Self-Control Theory, also known as A General Theory of Crime, is a criminological theory developed in 1990 that seeks to explain crime and why certain people offend and others do not. As a social control theory, it accepts the idea that socialization and social learning build self-control and will likely lead one away from offending. Low Self-Control Theo ry also comes from the classical school of thought, which states that human nature is to try to enhance pleasureRead MoreDifference Between Integrated Theory And Holistic Theory1200 Words   |  5 PagesAn integrated theory merges concepts, but it does not attempt to explain all criminal behavior from different concepts or assumptions. The difference between integrated theory and holistic theory is it does not attempt to explain all criminal behavior, but a holistic (general) theory of crime attempts to explain all forms of criminal behavior through a single approach.There are four examples of a holistic (general) theory of crime John Braithwaite’s theory of crime shaming and reintegration, GottfredsonRead MoreCybercrime Law Research Paper911 Words   |  4 Pagesbecause of forces beyond individual control and relies on the scientific method to prove it s theories (Cullen amp; Agnew, 2006 ). Individuals should not be held solely responsible for their actions because not everyone is rational. Outside factors can play an important part in determining one‟s participation in crime. Now that we have exami ned the two most dominant schools of criminological theory we can examine how two theories, self - control and routine activity, have been appliedRead MoreThe Theory Of Self Control Theory985 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Social control theory suggest that crime occurs when such bonds are weakened or are not well established. Self-control theory argue that without such bonds, crime is an inevitable outcome. Hence, criminality is considered as a possibility for all individuals within society, bypassed only by those who seek to maintain family and social bonds. These bonds are based on attachment to those within and outside of the family, including friends, teachers, and co-workers, commitment to activitiesRead MorePolice Corruption within XYZ Organization Essay1076 Words   |  5 Pageseffectiveness (Tankebe, 2010, p.297). To address this issue, I have identified two potential strategies aimed at reducing the prevalence of these instances. I will be using a blend of two criminological theories. The two theories that I would like to blend is the deterrence theory and the self-control theory. A blend of the two allows us to apply a direct application across a multitude of demographic groups within th e organization while still focusing on what I believe to be the main contributor to crimeRead MoreTravis Hirschis Social Control Theory: Helpful or False? Essay1194 Words   |  5 Pagesessay I will first explain what a Social Control Theory is and how Hirschi developed his theory ‘Social Bond’ from this, I will also discuss further development of his theory with Gottfredson in a ‘General Theory of Crime’. I will then discuss and consider the criticisms of both theories before providing my own conclusion, including why his theory is still relevant in today’s society. Control theories take on a different approach to other previous theories such as†¦.. Most theorists ask ‘why someoneRead MoreTo Commit a Crime or Not Based on Gottfredson and Hirschs Self-Control Theory1059 Words   |  5 PagesGottfredson and Hirsch’s self-control theory revolves around one’s inclination to commit a crime or refrain from committing a crime based on low or high self-controls. It is a general crime theory that explains all crime at all periods in time. The principal factor is self- control. In this theory, a person with low self-control is much more likely to commit a crime then a person with high self-control. For Gottfredson and Hirsch’s definition of crime, they state that a crime is an act undertakenRead MoreProposed Theories And Approaches Surrounding The True Nature Of Crime1382 Words   |  6 Pagesof proposed theories and approaches surrounding the true nature of crime and what drives criminals to act in the ways that they do . From approaches based around philosophy to those with origins in biology, sociology and psychology, there is yet to be a completely provable explanation for the motivations behind criminal behaviour. The case of 41 year old Alfred is a prime example of this as his case shows aspects of a number of different theories. The sociologically based strain theory first proposedRead MoreSelf Control Theory : A General Theory Of Crime1309 Words   |  6 PagesSelf-control theory hypothesizes that self-discipline explains a variance in the extent to which people are susceptible to specific urges, whether committing criminal or non-criminal actions. Travis Hirschi and Michael Gottfredson gave rise to self-control theory in their book named A General Theory of Crime. Because its creators define the self-control theory as a â€Å"general theory of crime†, to them it is believed that this theory can be implemented to multiple behaviors where a person is not capableRead MoreCriminology And The Criminal Justice System824 Words   |  4 PagesStout’s book titled Applied Criminology when it is stated that â€Å"Different criminological theories emerge from different contexts, are shaped by different forces and, therefore, have very different implications if applied† (Stout, 2007, p.2). The most important takeaway from the study of how Applied Criminology is taught (and learned) is that it extends far beyond the mere application of criminological theories and teachings. It concerns itself with the evolution of its own field and sub-fields, as

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Review on My Name Is Khan - 944 Words

To write a review about a film which contains not only the magical combo of Shahrukh Khan-Kajol-Karan Johar but also something different from melodramatic love story or usual remake of hardcore commercial film is pleasurable.My Name Is Khan has a excellent point to a class of audience who likes to watch Shahrukh Khan in a different characteristic. But the film does not show the excellence enough to get a perfect worship from all audiences and critics. In the movie Rizwan embarks on a touching journey and gets the true recognition of his love,love for Mandira_we reveal a simple but touchy characteristic of an ordinary man’s love,we go through an extra ordinary journey. The movie has some points for which it can be appreciated. Firstly,†¦show more content†¦The narrative style may influenced by The Shawshank Redemption and Godfellas. The ending is quite good but it may be more gothic and more authentic. The journey of Khan may be showed more smartly in accordance with happenings as sometime it has feel us melodramatic. Cinematography is worthy off a hand of applause, specially using the background and wide angle shot. Editing is fine. Thanks Ravi K. Chandran (director of photography) and Deepa Bhatia (editing) Shankar-Ehsan-Loy has done a great job both in soundtrack and background score.Thanks to the lyricist(Niranjan Iyengar and Javed Akhtar) The songs such as Noor-e-Khuda blend western bar blues and techno sounds with Indian classical styles such as Sufi and Hindustani. The soundtrack is thus representative of the indie fusion genre. Unlike Karan Johars other films, this film has no lip-sync songs. All the songs are in background. Tere Naina is a good one. In short The content of My Name Is Khan is diametrically opposite to whatever Karan Johar done in the past. My Name Is Khan is not all about terrorism, or 9/11. It’s about a relationship between two people, between an individual and the State, and between an individual and the country. In short, there the three important components: love story, Islam and a mild form of autism. You can watch it. Sometime it is impressive, dramatic, a little bit slow,Show MoreRelatedFaith and the Hijab Essay examples1707 Words   |  7 Pageswear these head coverings. Then also remembering 9/11 I also remember seeing the violence that men had toward women in Iraq. To me the head coverings were a sign of male domination and the women submission. At least these were my ideas before actually starting any research. So my ultimate quest was to find out why women in Islam wore their head coverings. Along with, what where the origins of the head coverings, are there obligations? Do all woman have to wear the head coverings. Why are there severalRead MorePrinciples of Marketing1392 Words   |  6 PagesA G E N E R A L O V E RV I E W O N PRAN IN BANGLADESH American International University of Bangladesh Subject: Principles Of Marketing Section: K Name and ID of the members of the group1.Islam Aminul 2.Islam Touhidul 3.Rahman Md Mostafizor 4.Shahnawaz Khan 5.Khalid Ibrahim Submitted To, Samira Nuzhat Lecturer AIUB Last date of submission: 19 April 2010. 2 09-14147-2 09-14139-2 09-14084-2 09-14134-2 08-11892-2 Date: 19 April 2010 Samira Nuzhat Course Instructor Principles of MarketingRead MoreThe Wearing Celebrity s Transgression And If Any Negative Implications Allotted By Purchasers1333 Words   |  6 Pageson youth Today a youth is more likely to listen to the remarks and impact of an icon than their guardians. With this pattern it is paramount for folks to take a dynamic part in their kid s lives in order to control the negative impact that a big name can have on them. A portion of the impact originates from media sources who have a tendency to blossom with negative conduct instead of the individuals who are having a positive effect in others exists (Barbara, 2012). Sports exercises have been aRead MoreResponsibility and Control Essay899 Words   |  4 Pageslocus of control such as â€Å"anxiety, depression, and anger.† Similarly, Kormanik and Rocco (2009) observe and analyze the presence of locus of control in several different settings such as the â€Å"life course,† â€Å"critical events,† and the â€Å"workplace† to name a few. By studying the internal versus external locus of controls in various places, Kormanik and Rocco (2009) were able to associate the positive and negative effects of having internal locus of control or external locus of control, depending on theRead MoreCase Study : Clark Daughtrey944 Words   |  4 Pagesthe busiest single-site in the state. Their five locations are located throughout Lakeland, Florida. This includes a Medical, Cancer, Orthopedics, Sports Rehabilitation Center, and a Surgical and Trauma office. In an article titled â€Å"Hospital Changes Name to Show Broader Focus† dated February 5, 2015 in the Lakeland Ledger, Lakeland Regional Medical Center and Clark Daughtrey Medical Group officially became Lakeland Regional Health. The new logo groups three people in a pyramid or bouquet shape overRead MoreDiscussion on the Choice of Genre2804 Words   |  12 PagesDiscuss the choice of genre; comedy or tragedy? In this assignment I will discuss the choice of genre; comedy or tragedy? In the play Death of a Salesman (2000) by Arthur Miller and the movie east is east (1999) by Ayub Khan-Din. I will suggest Willy Loman within the play Death of a Salesman (2000) actually is the architect of his own failure. I will put forward Loman’s ideal of the American Dream and show while he strived to achieve this goal, this ultimately proved to be the cause of his demiseRead MoreThe Impact Of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour By The Five Dimensions, Antecedents And Their Consequences1648 Words   |  7 PagesSOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY Student Name : Aneesh Rama Student ID No. : 22496283 Unit Name : Organisational Behaviour Unit Code : MNG82001 Assignment No. : 1 Assignment Title : Literature Review Due date : 23rd November 2015 Date submitted : 19th November 2015 Word count : 1472 Declaration: I have read and understand the Rules relating to Awards (Rule 3.18) as contained in the University Handbook. I understand the penalties that apply forRead MoreSrk N His Life4461 Words   |  18 PagesShahrukh Khan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Shahrukh redirects here. For the Timurid dynasty ruler, see Shah Rukh (Timurid dynasty). This article is semi-protected to prevent libelous additions. Shahrukh Khan Born 2 November 1965 (1965-11-02) (age 44) New Delhi, India Other name(s) Shah Rukh Khan, King Khan, SRK, King of Bollywood[1] Occupation Actor, producer, television presenter Years active 1988–present Spouse(s) Gauri Khan (1991–present) Shahrukh KhanRead MoreSelection Process of Marketing Manager3805 Words   |  16 PagesShahid Mehmood mbaf6-95 Fasih Ullah Khan Suri mbaf6-20 Waqas Manzur mbaf6-74 [pic] [pic] DEDICATION This piece of work is dedicated to My parent teachers Who deliberately pray for me Day and Night ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Up and above every thing, all praise goes to ALMIGHTY ALLAH. We are grateful to ALMIGHTY ALLAH, the Beneficent the Merciful, for encouraging me to complete this work successfully. We are extremely thankful to my respected Sir. Fahad Hassan for his great teachingRead MoreThe Seated Scribe, By Egypt Fourth Dynasty Essay1201 Words   |  5 Pagesit was dishonourable to insinuate that they aged as they were supposed to be gods on earth. According to the Louvre website, ( the sculpture was found in Saqqara Egypt in 1850 by an archaeologist by the name of Auguste Mariette. The exact location of the Seated Scribe has remained a mystery because the excavation findings were published after Auguste died in 1881 and his journals on the subject had been lost, the location of it is said to be to the north

The Host Chapter 32 Ambushed Free Essays

string(140) " by the door to catch me when he herded me around the pool\? How close was Kyle now\? I felt the hairs on my arms and legs standing on end\." The caves were quiet; the sun had not yet risen. In the big plaza, the mirrors were a pale gray with the coming dawn. My few clothes were still in Jamie and Jared’s room. We will write a custom essay sample on The Host Chapter 32: Ambushed or any similar topic only for you Order Now I snuck in, glad that I knew where Jared was. Jamie was sound asleep, curled into a tight ball in the top corner of the mattress. He didn’t usually sleep so compactly, but he had good reason to at the moment. Ian was sprawled across the rest of the space, his feet and hands hanging off the edges, one appendage to each of the four sides. For some reason, this was hysterical to me. I had to put my fist in my mouth to choke back the laughter as I quickly snatched up my old dirt-dyed T-shirt and shorts. I hurried into the hall, still stifling the giggles. You’re slaphappy, Melanie told me. You need some sleep. I’ll sleep later. When†¦ I couldn’t finish the thought. It sobered me instantaneously, and everything was quiet again. I was still rushing as I headed for the bathing room. I trusted Doc, but†¦ Maybe he would change his mind. Maybe Jared would argue against what I wanted. I couldn’t be all day. I thought I heard something behind me when I reached the octopus-like juncture where all the sleeping halls met. I looked back, but I couldn’t see anyone in the dim cave. People were beginning to stir. Soon it would be time for breakfast and another day of work. If they’d finished with the stalks, the ground in the east fields would need to be turned. Maybe I would have time to help†¦ later†¦ I followed the familiar path to the underground rivers, my mind in a million other places. I couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything in particular. Every time I tried to focus on a subject-Walter, Jared, breakfast, chores, baths-some other thought would pull my head away in seconds. Melanie was right; I needed to sleep. She was just as muddled. Her thoughts all spun around Jared, but she could make nothing coherent of them, either. I’d gotten used to the bathing room. The utter blackness of it didn’t bother me anymore. So many places were black here. Half my daylight hours were lived in darkness. And I’d been here too many times. There was never anything lurking under the water’s surface, waiting to pull me under. I knew I didn’t have time to soak, though. Others would be up soon, and some people liked to start their day clean. I got to work, washing myself first, then moving on to my clothes. I scrubbed at my shirt fiercely, wishing I could scrub out my memory of the past two nights. My hands were stinging when I was done, the dry cracks on my knuckles burning worst of all. I rinsed them in the water, but it made no noticeable difference. I sighed and climbed out to get dressed. I’d left my dry clothes on the loose rocks in the back corner. I kicked a stone by accident, hard enough to hurt my bare foot, and it clattered loudly across the room, bouncing off the wall and landing with a plunk and a gurgle in the pool. The sound made me jump, though it wasn’t all that loud next to the roar of the hot river in the outer room. I was just shoving my feet into my scruffy tennis shoes when my turn was up. â€Å"Knock, knock,† a familiar voice called from the dark entry. â€Å"Good morning, Ian,† I said. â€Å"I’m just done. Did you sleep well?† â€Å"Ian’s still sleeping,† Ian’s voice answered. â€Å"I’m sure that won’t last forever, though, so we’d best get on with this.† Splinters of ice pinned my joints in place. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. I’d noticed it before, and then forgotten it in the long weeks of Kyle’s absence: not only did Ian and his brother look very much alike, but-when Kyle spoke at a normal volume, which so rarely happened-they also had exactly the same voice. There was no air. I was trapped in this black hole with Kyle at the door. There was no way out. Keep quiet! Melanie shrieked in my head. I could do that. There was no air to scream with. Listen! I did as I was told, trying to focus in spite of the fear that stabbed through my head like a million slender spears of ice. I couldn’t hear anything. Was Kyle waiting for a response? Was he sneaking around the room in silence? I listened harder, but the rush of the river covered any sounds. Quick, grab a rock! Melanie ordered. Why? I saw myself crashing a rough stone against Kyle’s head. I can’t do it! Then we’re going to die! she screamed back at me. I can do it! Let me! There has to be another way, I moaned, but I forced my ice-locked knees to bend. My hands searched the darkness and came up with a large, jagged rock and a handful of pebbles. Fight or flight. In desperation, I tried to unlock Melanie, to let her out. I couldn’t find the door-my hands were still my own, clutched uselessly around the objects I could never make into weapons. A noise. A tiny splash as something entered the stream that drained the pool into the latrine room. Only a few yards away. Give me my hands! I don’t know how! Take them! I started to creep away, close to the wall, toward the exit. Melanie struggled to find her way out of my head, but she couldn’t find the door from her side, either. Another sound. Not by the far stream. A breath, by the exit. I froze where I was. Where is he? I don’t know! Again, I could hear nothing but the river. Was Kyle alone? Was someone waiting by the door to catch me when he herded me around the pool? How close was Kyle now? I felt the hairs on my arms and legs standing on end. There was some kind of pressure in the air, as though I could feel his silent movements. The door. I half turned, easing back in the direction I’d come, away from where I’d heard the breath. He couldn’t wait forever. The little he’d said told me he was in a hurry. Someone could come at any time. Odds were on his side, though. There were fewer who would be inclined to stop him than there were who might think this was for the best. And of those inclined to stop him, even fewer who’d have much of a chance of doing that. Only Jeb and his gun would make a difference. Jared was at least as strong as Kyle, but Kyle was more motivated. Jared would probably not fight him now. Another noise. Was that a footstep by the door? Or just my imagination? How long had this silent standoff lasted? I couldn’t guess how many seconds or minutes had passed. Get ready. Melanie knew that the stalling would soon be at an end. She wanted me to clench the rock tighter. But I would give flight a chance first. I would not be an effective fighter, even if I could bring myself to try. Kyle was probably twice my weight, and he had a much longer reach. I raised the hand with the pebbles and aimed them toward the back passage to the latrine. Maybe I could make him think that I was going to hide and hope for rescue. I threw the handful of small stones and shied away from the noise when they clattered against the rock wall. The breath at the door again, the sound of a light footfall headed toward my decoy. I edged as quietly along the wall as I could. What if there are two? I don’t know. I was almost to the exit. If I could just make the tunnel, I thought I could outrun him. I was lighter and fast†¦ I heard a footstep, very clearly this time, disrupting the stream in the back of the room. I crept faster. A gigantic splash shattered the tense standoff. Water pelted my skin, making me gasp. It spattered against the wall in a wave of wet sound. He’s coming through the pool! Run! I hesitated just a second too long. Big fingers clutched at my calf, my ankle. I yanked against the pull, lurching forward. I stumbled, and the momentum that threw me down to the floor made his fingers slip. He caught my sneaker. I kicked it off, leaving it in his hand. I was down, but he was down, too. It gave me enough time to scramble forward, ripping my knees against the rough stone. Kyle grunted, and his hand clutched at my naked heel. There was nothing to catch hold of; I slid free again. I wrenched myself forward, pulling to my feet with my head still down, every second in danger of falling again because my body was moving almost parallel to the floor. I kept my balance through sheer force of will. There was no one else. No one to catch me at the exit to the outer room. I sprinted forward, hope and adrenaline surging in my veins. I burst into the river room at full speed, my only thought to reach the tunnel. I could hear Kyle’s heavy breath close behind but not close enough. With each step, I pushed harder against the ground, throwing myself ahead of him. Pain lanced through my leg, crumpling it. Over the babble of the river, I heard two heavy stones hit the ground and roll-the one I’d been clutching and the one he’d thrown to cripple me. My leg twisted under me, spinning me backward to the ground, and in the same second he was on top of me. His weight knocked my head against the rock in a ringing blow and pinned me flat against the floor. No leverage. Scream! The air blew out of me in a siren of sound that surprised us all. My wordless shriek was more than I’d hoped for-surely someone would hear it. Please let that someone be Jeb. Please let him have the gun. â€Å"Uhng!† Kyle protested. His hand was big enough to cover most of my face. His palm mashed against my mouth, cutting off my scream. He rolled then, and the motion so took me by surprise that I had no time to try to find an advantage in it. He pulled me swiftly over and under and over his body. I was dizzy and confused, my head still spinning, but I understood as soon as my face hit the water. His hand locked on the back of my neck, forcing my face into the shallow stream of cooler water that wound its way into the bathing pool. It was too late to hold my breath. I’d already inhaled a mouthful of water. My body panicked when the water hit my lungs. Its flailing was stronger than he’d expected. My limbs all jerked and thrashed in different directions, and his grip on my neck slipped. He tried to get a better hold, and some instinct made me pull myself into him rather than away, as he was expecting. I only pulled half a foot closer to him, but that got my chin out of the stream, and enough of my mouth to choke some of the water back out and drag in a breath. He fought to push me back into the stream, but I wriggled and wedged myself under him so that his own weight was working against his goal. I was still reacting to the water in my lungs, coughing and spasming out of control. â€Å"Enough!† Kyle growled. He pulled himself off me, and I tried to drag myself away. â€Å"Oh, no, you don’t!† he spit through his teeth. It was over, and I knew it. There was something wrong with my injured leg. It felt numb, and I couldn’t make it do what I wanted. I could only push myself along the floor with my arms and my good leg. I was coughing too hard to do even that well. Too hard to scream again. Kyle grabbed my wrist and yanked me up from the floor. The weight of my body made my leg buckle, and I slumped into him. He got both my wrists in one hand and wrapped the other arm around my waist. He pulled me off the floor and into his side, like an awkward bag of flour. I twisted, and my good leg kicked against the empty air. â€Å"Let’s get this over with.† He jumped over the smaller stream with a bound and carried me toward the closest sinkhole. The steam from the hot spring washed my face. He was going to throw me into the dark, hot hole and let the boiling water pull me into the ground as it burned me. â€Å"No, no!† I shouted, my voice too hoarse and low to carry. I writhed frantically. My knee knocked against one of the ropy rock columns, and I hooked my foot around it, trying to yank myself out of his grip. He jerked me free with an impatient grunt. At least that loosened his hold enough that I could make one more move. It had worked before, so I tried it again. Instead of trying to free myself, I twisted in and wrapped my legs around his waist, locking the good ankle around the bad, trying to ignore the pain so that I could get a good hold there. â€Å"Get off me, you -† He fought to knock me loose, and I jerked one of my wrists free. I wrapped that arm around his neck and grabbed his thick hair. If I was going into the black river, so was he. Kyle hissed and stopped prying at my leg long enough to punch my side. I gasped in pain but got my other hand into his hair. He wrapped both arms around me, as if we were embracing rather than locked in a killing struggle. Then he grabbed my waist from both sides and heaved with all his strength against my hold. His hair started to come out in my hands, but he just grunted and pulled harder. I could hear the steaming water rushing close by, right below me, it seemed. The steam billowed up in a thick cloud, and for a minute I couldn’t see anything but Kyle’s face, twisted with rage into something beastlike and merciless. I felt my bad leg giving. I tried to pull myself closer to him, but his brute strength was winning against my desperation. He would have me free in a moment, and I would fall into the hissing steam and disappear. Jared! Jamie! The thought, the agony, belonged to both Melanie and me. They would never know what had happened to me. Ian. Jeb. Doc. Walter. No goodbyes. Kyle abruptly jumped into the air and came down with a thud. The jarring impact had the effect he wanted: my legs came loose. But before he could take advantage, there was another result. The cracking sound was deafening. I thought the whole cave was coming down. The floor shuddered beneath us. Kyle gasped and jumped back, taking me-hands still locked in his hair-with him. The rock under his feet, with more cracking and groaning, began to crumble away. Our combined weight had broken the brittle lip of the hole. As Kyle stumbled away, the crumbling followed his heavy steps. It was faster than he was. A piece of the floor disappeared from under his heel, and he went down with a thud. My weight pushed him back hard, and his head smacked sharply against a stone pillar. His arms fell away from me, limp. The cracking of the floor settled into a sustained groan. I could feel it shiver beneath Kyle’s body. I was on his chest. Our legs dangled above empty space, the steam condensing into a million drops on our skin. â€Å"Kyle?† There was no answer. I was afraid to move. You’ve got to get off him. You’re too heavy together. Carefully-use the pillar. Pull away from the hole. Whimpering in fear, too terrified to think for myself, I did as Melanie ordered. I freed my fingers from Kyle’s hair and climbed gingerly over his unconscious form, using the pillar as an anchor to pull myself forward. It felt steady enough, but the floor still moaned under us. I pulled myself past the pillar and onto the ground beyond it. This ground stayed firm under my hands and knees, but I scrambled farther away, toward the safety of the exit tunnel. There was another crack, and I glanced back. One of Kyle’s legs drooped farther down as a rock fell from beneath it. I heard the splash this time as the chunk of stone met the river below. The ground shuddered under his weight. He’s going to fall, I realized. Good, Melanie snarled. But†¦! If he falls, he can’t kill us, Wanda. If he doesn’t fall, he will. I can’t just†¦ Yes, you can. Walk away. Don’t you want to live? I did. I wanted to live. Kyle could disappear. And if he did, there was a chance that no one would ever hurt me again. At least not among the people here. There was still the Seeker to consider, but maybe she would give up someday, and then I could stay here indefinitely with the humans I loved†¦ My leg throbbed, pain replacing some of the numbness. Warm fluid trickled down my lips. I tasted the moisture without thinking and realized it was my blood. Walk away, Wanderer. I want to live. I want a choice, too. I could feel the tremors from where I stood. Another piece of floor splashed into the river. Kyle’s weight shifted, and he slid an inch toward the hole. Let him go. Melanie knew better than I what she was talking about. This was her world. Her rules. I stared at the face of the man who was about to die-the man who wanted me dead. With him unconscious, Kyle’s face was no longer that of an angry animal. It was relaxed, almost peaceful. The resemblance to his brother was very apparent. No! Melanie protested. I crawled back to him on my hands and knees-slowly, feeling the ground with care before each inch I moved. I was too afraid to go beyond the pillar, so I hooked my good leg around it, an anchor again, and leaned around to wedge my hands under Kyle’s arms and over his chest. I heaved so hard I nearly pulled my arms from their sockets, but he didn’t move. I heard a sound like the trickle of sand through an hourglass as the floor continued to dissolve into tiny pieces. I yanked again, but the only result was that the trickle sped up. Shifting his weight was breaking the floor faster. Just as I thought that, a large chunk of rock plummeted into the river, and Kyle’s precarious balance was overthrown. He began to fall. â€Å"No!† I screamed, the siren bursting from my throat again. I flattened myself against the column and managed to pin him to the other side, locking my hands around his wide chest. My arms ached. â€Å"Help me!† I shrieked. â€Å"Somebody! Help!† How to cite The Host Chapter 32: Ambushed, Essay examples

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Sumerian Views On Death Essay Example For Students

Sumerian Views On Death Essay Civilization is defined as a state that binds people together to transcendtides of family, clan, tribe, and village. (Woolf, H.B., 1974, p.141) Byusing this definition, one can compare and contrast the many different traitsthat the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations had. Both The Epic of Gilgameshand the three Egyptian funerary documents are very good examples of writtendocuments that show these two differences in civilization. The Epic of Gilgameshis a long narrative poem which shows the many trials set before a young hero. (Andrea, A.; Overfield, J.H., 1998, p.8) This epic was discovered on twelve claytablets in the remains of a library dated back to the seventeenth century beforeChrist. (Andrea, A.; Overfield, J.H., 1998, p.8) Within this epic, the readerwill get an idea of how the Sumerians lived and communicated within theircommunity. Similarly, the Egyptian traits of civilization can be explained whenthe Coffin Texts are analyzed. The three funerary documents, which will bediscussed later, were found written inside wooden coffins of people could whoafford expensive funerals. (Andrea, A.; Overfield, J.H., 1998, p.18) Many ofthese writing concentrated on death and disaster, and the miseries and fearsthat are associated with it. These three writings are also very helpful bygiving the reader a very descriptive overview of how the Egyptian civilizationworked. Although these four documents were written in different locations, theyshow many similarities and differences in traits of civilization, and thoug htson the afterlife. The Epic of Gilgamesh is known as one of the greatest works ofliterature from the time of the Mesopotamian Era. (Andrea, A.; Overfield, J.H.,1998, p.8) The hero, Gilgamesh, was the ruler of the city-state Uruk from 2700to 2500 B.C. He was also very well known for his building of massive walls andtemples. (Andrea, A.; Overfield, J.H., 1998, p.8) His epic follows the basictheme of the humans struggle with immortality. Although Gligamesh is known asbeing two-thirds a god and one-third human, he must face death someday. We will write a custom essay on Sumerian Views On Death specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now (Andrea, A.; Overfield, J.H., 1998, p.8) As the epic begins, it is clear thatthe people of Uruk are distressed at the fact that Gilgamesh is not yet aware ofhis duties as king. Enkidu is sent down from the heavens in response to thepeoples cries for help. When Enkidu and Gilgamesh fight in a contest ofstrength and fighting skill, Gilgamesh wins, and the two heroes unite and setout on a series of adventures. In the midst of their adventures, Ishtar statesthat a life is owed because of an insult said towards him. Enkidu is chosen todie, and he is going to be brought to his fate. Within his time of waiting, hetells Gilgamesh of a vision he had of the land on no return. Within thisstory, the reader is presented with many different facts of how the Sumeriansviewed the afterlife. It will become quite evident that the Egyptians view ofthe afterlife was fairly similar, but in some way was considerably different. The Coffin Texts were the Egyptians equivalence to the Sumerians epics, becausethey also give a very distinctive explanation of how their people viewed theafterlife. These Coffin Texts were modeled from the earlier Pyramid Texts, whichincluded many details about the many dangers of earth. (Andrea, A.; Overfield,J.H., 1998, p.18) This writing also included the many feelings that theEgyptians had on the topic of the terrors of death. The Coffin Text is yetanother short piece of work that is written in a two-part speech. In thiswriting, the sun god and the deceased speak upon the topics of good deeds andeternal life. Similarly, Negative Confession is taken from The Book of theDead, and contains writing upon the topic of death. (Andrea, A.; Overfield, J.H.,1998, p.19) In this story, the deceased proclaims his purity to forty-two minordeities, who are set to judge the deceaseds fittingness to become aneternally blessed spirit. (Andrea, A.; Overfield, J.H., 1998, p.19) These threeexamples of writings from the Egyptians are very descriptive, and serve as abasis of explanation of death. When comparing the similarities of these fourwritings, the first thing that becomes evident is the fact that sacrifices areoften given to the gods. In the story of Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim reveals thesecret of the gods. He explains how he had attained eternal life by building aboat when it was announced to him that there would be a great flood. When theflood resides, and the gods appear, Utnapishtim pours out wine and otherbeverages as an offering to the gods. This is very similar to the Pyramid Text,whereas the writing states to the reader to Take your head, Collect yourlimbs, Shake the earth from you flesh! Take you bread that rots not, Your beerthat sours not, Stand at the gates that bar the common people! (Andrea, A.;Overfield, J.H., 1998, p.20) Both the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians believedthat it was beneficial to offer sacrifices to the gods in order to gain eternallife. Within the Coffin Text, Re, the sun god, tells the reader of his four gooddeeds to humanity. He created the winds, inundation, and the equity of man. Inaddition to these, he made sure that people would always remember The Land ofthe Resurrected Dead. (Andrea, A.; Overfield, J.H., 1998, p.20) It is quiteevident that the people believed that death was fate knowing that many of theEgyptians spent much of their time searching for eternal life. They realizedthat fate would make them face death, and they wanted to be fully prepared whenthe time came. Finally, within The Negative Confession, it becomes evidentto the reader what traits are important to have upon approaching death. TheEgyptians believed that they had to be free of sin in order to enter theafterlife, and to live eternally. Within the text, it states that I havenot caused pain, I have not caused tears, I have not killed, I have not madeanyone suffer (Andrea, A.; Overfield, J.H., 1998, p.21) These are just afew examples of some of the beliefs that the Egyptians had. This differsslightly from the examples given within The Epic of Gilgamesh. When Gilgameshapproaches Utnapishtim, he asks how he can be a god and attain immortality. Heis presented a chance of immortality by completing two tasks while on earth, andfails. The Sumerians believed they could defeat death if they proved themselveswhile living, rather than being faithful throughout their life. This is a verydescriptive example of the differences between the Sumerian and Egyptiansbeliefs of the afterlife. Even though the ancient civilization of Egypt andSumer occurred almost at the same time, their views on how a person should livetheir life and how they got to the afterlife differed greatly. This had a lot todo with the geographic area where the cultures were based in. Egyptians, beingrelatively protected from attacks, had lives that looked toward the future andplanned extensively for death and burial, while Sumerians were constantly underattack and had to live life as if this was their last day on earth. (Bulliet,R.; Crossley, P.; Headrick, D.; Hirsch, S.; Johnson, L.; Northrup, D., 1997,p.32, 45) Their burials were relatively uncomplicated and the passage onto theafterlife depended on the deeds completed during life.